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led floodlight is a special kind of lamp with excellent heat dissipation function. It is often used in industry. LED floodlight not only has good lighting effect, high light concentration, but also very It is environmentally friendly and the light source is very pure, ensuring people's safe operation.
1. The led flood light is durable and has a long service life. LED floodlights usually use high-quality aluminum for the production of the lamp housing, and its performance in all aspects is relatively stable. Its surface has been treated with precision paint, which does not change color for a long time and is corrosion-resistant.
2. The led flood light has certain explosion-proof performance. Taking into account the particularity of the place where the lamp is used, when we make the led floodlight, we use a special structural design, and use tempered glass to make the lamp shade, plus the production of die-casting technology, making the led The performance of the finished product of the floodlight is relatively stable, it is very convenient to use, and the safety factor is high.
3. The led flood light has high luminous efficiency, good environmental performance, and a longer service life.
4. The led flood light is convenient and simple to use. Our led flood light has high luminous efficiency and good environmental performance.