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    What is the reason for the flickering of the LED lights? There may be mainly the following four aspects. If there is a different situation, it can be dealt with according to the specific situation.

   1. If you find that there is a flickering problem after turning on the LED lamp, it may be caused by the current-voltage instability.

   2. It is also possible that the lamp bead does not match the drive power supply. A one-watt lamp bead has a current of 280m and a voltage of 3.0~3.4 volts. Failure to reach such a power will cause the LED lights to flicker, and it will not take long before the internal wires will burn out, and the lights will not light up directly.

   3. It may also be because the drive power supply is damaged, so there will be a flickering problem.

   4. It is also related to the over-temperature protection function of the driver. If the heat dissipation cannot meet the requirements, it will cause the problem that the lamp will flash for a while and go out for a while when it is running.

    If it is because the driving power supply is damaged or does not match, it is necessary to replace a good driving power supply, and then choose a matching one to achieve its power to prevent insufficient power of the lamp beads and chips.

    When we replace it, we need to disassemble the key parts inside, check the driver or power supply, including the lamp bead, and replace it if it is damaged.

    If there is an overcurrent problem, it is best to reduce the drive power to solve the problem.