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When decorating, it is very important to use different types of lamps and what kind of lamps should be used. After all, lighting brightness and lighting atmosphere are also very important to the overall decoration effect.

Flood lights are the most widely used light source in rendering production. Standard flood lights are used to light the entire scene. Multiple Omni lights can be applied to a scene. Floodlights are mainly used in public places, such as roads, squares, billboards, etc. When floodlights illuminate objects, the speed of light attenuation will be much slower than spotlights. The main material of the floodlight is made of aluminum alloy die-casting and coated with a layer of high-temperature resistant, acid, and alkali-resistant, anti-aging materials. Omni lights can mix dark shadows into the model. Floodlights have a wide range of lighting and predictable lighting effects.

The installation height of the floodlight is generally 2240-2650mm. The installation height of the floodlight can be close to the ground, about 1400-1700mm. The distance from the floodlight to the wall is about 95-400mm. The installation height of the wall lamp in the corridor should be about 1.8 meters above the horizontal line, that is, 2.2-2.6 meters from the ground. If the floodlight in the working environment is 1.4-1.8m away from the desktop, the floodlight at the bedside in the bedroom is about 1.4-1.7m away from the ground. The distance from the floodlight to the wall is about 0.09-0.4m.

Determine the installation position and installation method of the lamp according to the actual needs of the work site, and then prepare a three-core cable with a length of Φ 8 ~ Φ 14 mm for the lamp according to the distance from the lamp to the power contact.