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    Floodlights are rarely used in home decoration. They are generally used in garden decoration or shed lighting. Outdoor LED floodlights produce highly diffused, non-directional light instead of clear beams. The resulting shadows are soft and transparent, and when used for object lighting, the lighting decays much more slowly than with spotlights, and even some floodlights, which decay very slowly, look like a light source that does not produce shadows. There are many brands of floodlights on the market today, and they vary in brightness and number of lamp beads. Generally speaking, the more lamp beads and the greater the brightness, the more expensive it is.

    First of all, when purchasing this type of lighting, pay attention to its antistatic ability. Generally speaking, the stronger the antistatic ability, the longer its service life and the higher the price. When choosing a floodlight, you should also pay attention to its wavelength, LEDs with the same wavelength, so the color is the same, this type of LED floodlight is naturally more expensive.

    Secondly, we should also pay attention to its leakage current. Leakage refers to the reverse current of the floodlight. Generally speaking, the larger the leakage current, the shorter its service life. A slightly larger current can burn out the lamp beads, so the price of this type of LED floodlight is relatively low, and it is recommended not to buy this type of lamp.

    In addition, when selecting floodlights, factors such as luminous angle, wafer, colloid, etc., all affect the price of floodlights to a certain extent. For example, the lighting effect of ED is different depending on the light-emitting angle, and the natural price is also different. Generally, the price of a special light-emitting angle is higher; for different chips, the price varies greatly.