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A floodlight with stand is a device that has a powerful light source and a concave mirror that can focus the light on a specific direction, and is used for long-distance illumination and search. With the help of mirrors or lenses, the emitted beam can be concentrated in a small solid angle (usually tools less than 2 degrees) to obtain greater light intensity. Considering the size, weight, and ease of operation of the device, most searchlights are equipped with tripods or movable vehicles, and large searchlights even have special trucks as vehicles. Here to talk about common searchlights with brackets, such as prison, surveillance, and wireless remote control searchlights, also called
The relevant parameters of the guard tower scanning searchlight are as follows:
Power: 350W, 500W, 1000W OX-8 and OX-9
Voltage: 110V-220V
Current: 3A and 6A
Light source: GB/T 15041-1994 high pressure xenon lamp XQ
Life: export specification 1200H
Luminous flux: 34000lm
Color: red, yellow, white, green, blue
Color temperature: 6500·K
Fan: 50000H
Effect: The beam has a strong focus, a long range, and the size of a beam is adjustable. It can also be used as a follow-up light in a stage performance.
Protection: IP54
Standard: GB 7000.7-1996 safety requirements for floodlights
Specification: 540*210*380mm and 700*250*580mm
Range: 800M and 1200 meters
Weight: 6.9Kg and 11.8KG
Applicable places: Widely used in special requirements such as outdoor remote camera, prison, surveillance, surveillance, search, rescue, patrol, tracking, and marine operations, and can also be equipped with manual guard towers.