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    Currently available LED induction lamps on the market include LED voice-activated induction lamps, LED microwave induction lamps, LED image contrast induction lamps, and LED infrared induction lamps. In the early days, induction lamps were mostly installed outdoors, but in recent years, due to the improvement of living standards and the safety needs of the elderly, there are more and more opportunities to install induction lamps indoors. Entrance, corridor, bedroom, etc., the installation location depends on the person.

    In microwave induction technology, when someone enters the detection range of the product, the microwave detector lights up the lamp to provide basic lighting and goes out after 60 seconds when the person leaves the detection range. Automatic extinguishing can reduce repeated triggering and starting in a short period of time and prolong the service life of the lamp; it is not affected by noise, ambient temperature, dust, and other factors, maintains the lighting function, and works stably. The newly added light-sensitive application can solve the problem that the lamps are still automatically turned on in the daytime with sufficient light.

    Light-sensitive response, according to the light intensity of the outside world controls the work of lamps and lanterns. The light is brighter during the day and the lamps are turned off. At night, the lamps are in standby mode and turn on when someone passes by. Timely needs, good application, and reasonable allocation of resources.