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     LEDs have little ability to control current flow, so if too much current flows to the LED, it can burn out. Due to the correlation between LED light output and current, LED outdoor lights can be dimmed if a controlled dimming (0-10v) system is compatible with the LED driver. One thing to note here is that due to the nature of LEDs and the design of some drivers, not all LED drivers are compatible with 0-10v dimmers, so when we reuse this device, make sure our fixtures have the proper technology to facilitate the use of dimmers is important.

     Ambience is often a big reason to choose a dimmable light fixture, as it can make your lighting a multipurpose tool for a range of activities at different light levels. For example 0-10v dimming drivers for LEDs allow you to create your own lighting that suits the mood or activity. Often restaurants and hotels often use dimmable fixtures in their seating areas to create a nighttime ambience or ambience. Sports fields use dimming to provide proper lighting for different levels of competition and sporting activities.

     Another point, LEDs are controlled by current. When a dimmer is used to control its light intensity, it also reduces the power supplied to the LED, thus using less energy. Using less energy means saving more money and extending the life of your LED lights.