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When compared to the cost of incandescent and CFL bulbs, you will find the initial price of LED outdoor flood lights expensive. Outdoor flood lights can also be categorized by how they use electricity since not all flood lights require an electrical outlet to shine.

Lights that require an electrical outlet - These are typical lights that run from an electrical outlet and require constant power like any other light source.

Battery-Operated Floodlights - Battery-operated lights can be quite a shock to someone who has never seen them since everyone assumes that floodlights consume a lot of power. In most cases this is true, but if you use LED lights or other high-efficiency bulbs then you can combine them with a rechargeable battery pack and have a portable floodlight that can go almost anywhere lamp.

Solar Floodlights - This is actually a subsection of battery-powered lighting, but because it's used differently, I've kept it separate from the main category. So solar flood lights are another great technological creation that gives you complete freedom to run your lights by charging the batteries during the day and using the charge to run the lights at night.