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    Ideally, you want LED sensor lights. They are brighter and last longer. Traditional light bulbs consume too much energy. So an outdoor led flood light with a sensor may be your ideal choice. And before that, you may need to consider some issues.

    Light Casting Angle and Light Distance

    Where does the light point, do you need a sensor light or a series of sensor lights to cover a given area? The best way to determine this effect is the distance the motion sensor lighting will travel and the lighting angle. No matter what kind of outdoor lighting you're looking for here's something to consider.

    Power Supply

    What kind of power supply do your motion sensor lights need? Can you use a rechargeable battery or can you connect to a conventional power source? If you have easy access to the lights (such as when installing on a patio), the battery option may not be a bad approach as it is easier to install. Solar power is the third option when it comes to power. However, this can limit where lighting can be installed, as most solar lights need to receive 8 to 12 hours of sunlight a day to function properly throughout the night. If you are installing the light above or on the roof, you may need a traditional power source.


    Before going out to buy anything, it's a good idea to have a general understanding of outdoor lighting and what kind of budget you have for the lighting. When it comes to outdoor motion sensor lighting, the range of possible price points is relatively wide.