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    As a portable rechargeable led flood light, the work light of this structure adopts a bidirectional rotating shaft design, and the lighting angle is larger. Its radiator with USB on the back is designed as a port for charging the phone. Because of its ultra-thin product design, it is easy to carry. The size of this product is 298mm long, 246mm wide, and 3.4mm thick, and the weight is between 15.1/16.8kg. As long as it is AC220-240V~ 50/60Hz, you do not need the light source of this LED light because it has 2835 SMD, which can guarantee the Light source range.

    In addition, this kind of lamp can work normally between -35℃~+45℃, not afraid of the influence of harsh environment, charge for 3 hours and discharge for 4 hours. Work lights are not only portable but also a must-have like some large work lights. Work light with a tripod can be used to adjust the height of the tripod, no matter what kind of brightness you want, you can use this to meet. A 3M long cable can make people not afraid of the disappearance of power. The single light source with a handle and the double light source with a handle can also adjust the lighting angle, which can perfectly solve the problem that you need to turn.