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    LED underground light is a kind of landscape lighting. Due to the characteristics of the light source, it can be made into many shapes. For example, in addition to the traditional common circle, it can be square or elongated, and it can also be integrated according to conditions, such as The square bricks on the square are the same size lamps. The installation of lamps and lanterns needs to have embedded parts, and the low-voltage power supply method is adopted.

    Buried lights are also used in the courtyard. In addition to the round ones, there are also square and long strips like the one shown in the picture below. They can be made to be similar to floor tiles. They are inconspicuous during the day and glow at night. 

    The side-emitting inground light is a special effect inground light. The light-emitting direction is one or two sides, which creates a special spot effect and is installed on the road or square. Using LED light source, the temperature is low, and it can be used in places such as activity squares and wooden platforms.

    Outdoor lighting is also divided into functional lighting. For example, there are regulations on what kind of illuminance must be achieved in the place where the ball is played. Therefore, floodlights and floodlights are often used. Of course, some light distributions are special. For example, the light distribution of tennis courts is special, and it needs to meet the lighting of the entire venue.

    Regarding outdoor lighting, when we choose lamps, there are also a few things to note. Architectural lighting should pay attention to glare, maintenance, and concealment, landscape lighting should pay attention to shape, glare, and maintenance, and functional lighting should meet lighting requirements, glare, and maintenance.