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    The led human body sensor light responds quickly and sensitively and is very power-saving. It is a new generation of energy-saving and environmentally friendly products. It is only at night or in dark areas. When someone appears in the sensing area, the infrared sensing module will start and detect the signal. The signal triggers the delay switch module to turn on the infrared sensor lamp. If the human body continues to move within its range, the LED human body sensor light will always be on at this time. When the person leaves the area, it will be turned off after a delay, and there is no infrared induction signal, and the delay switch will automatically turn off the infrared induction light within the time setting value. Each module returns to the standby state and waits for the next cycle. In this process, there is no need to manually press the switch, and there will be no noise, which is more environmentally friendly.

    In addition, the human body sensor-led lights are highly efficient and energy-saving and have stable performance, so they have a longer service life. Human body induction led lights of about 4 watts are comparable to 40-watt energy-saving bulbs.

    But everything is impossible to be perfect, and the probe sensor light has a wider and more reliable human detection area. In order to make the lamps more beautiful, many manufacturers do not adopt hemispherical probe designs, so the sensing area is narrow. In addition, if the sensing distance is longer, resulting in a larger sensing area, the light is likely to light up when you don't need it, causing false touch sensing.