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When you're going to get any piece of technology, it's important to examine the price of Floodlight With Stand first. You need to remember that you're planning on getting these lights to use for a long time and this isn't something that you should be ready to cheap out on. One of these lights is going to cost you around $500 USD. That's a lot of money, but most people who are going to buy these lights have the intention of making their money back with them. However, you really shouldn't pay any more than that.

Wattage is also really important when getting these lights. Typically, these lights are going to be around 100 watts. This is the perfect blend between being able to light up an area and not having it so bright that the lights burn out. You can give or take with the wattage when it comes to the lights but it's not something that you should push to the point where it's hard to see the people who are going to be on the field. Try different wattages of LED lights out and see which result is the best for you

Color temperature is also really important when getting any kind of light. Lightbulbs are incredibly hot which is why people will often tell you not to touch them because you can burn yourself,. In fact, if you were to put an egg on a lightbulb, it would begin to scramble since it's so hot. You should want your LED light to be warm because that means it's producing heat. However, the light can't be so hot to the point where it's being inconsistent. The whole point of this would be to have consistent lighting.