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    The LED microwave sensor light can autonomously send out microwave signals to sense the current environmental changes. It uses the Doppler effect. If something enters its detection range, the signal will be disturbed. At this time, the light will be on. If there is no interference It will automatically reduce the brightness or turn off the lighting after a while.

    The lighting time and distance can be adjusted independently. In the case of no one is active, the standby power consumption is extremely low, and because of the penetrability of microwaves, its sensing range is very wide, and it can even penetrate walls without being affected by the surrounding environment. It is not affected by the environment, is not disturbed by temperature, and is not afraid of dust, etc. It is a very good high-tech product.

    The LED microwave induction lamp has high sensitivity and a beautiful appearance. It is more energy-saving than ordinary lamps under the same brightness, and its production process adopts a series of measures, such as waterproof, anti-corrosion, etc., so it is very durable.

    The standby brightness can be adjusted independently. When there are people or cars, it will increase the brightness, and when there is no one, it will be in a dimly bright standby state.