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Floodlights with stands are typically portable and easy to set up, making them a popular choice for temporary lighting solutions. They can be powered by electricity or generators and may include features such as adjustable height and angle, weather resistance, and timers or motion sensors.

Some common applications include:

Outdoor events: Floodlights with stands can be used to provide lighting for outdoor events such as concerts, festivals, and sporting events.

Construction sites: Construction sites often require temporary lighting solutions, and floodlights with stands can be easily moved and positioned to provide adequate lighting.

Emergency services: Floodlights with stands are commonly used by emergency services such as police, fire departments, and search and rescue teams to provide lighting in emergency situations.

Film and photography: Floodlights with stands can be used as part of film or photography setups to provide additional lighting for shoots.

Outdoor work: Floodlights with stands can be used for outdoor work such as landscaping, painting, and maintenance tasks.

Home security: Floodlights with stands can be used to enhance home security by providing bright lighting in dark areas around the property.