Outdoor lamps are electrical products, and the internal circuits are generally invisible to water. Because of the LED light-emitting characteristics, the power consumption is not much. After a reasonable design, a good lighting effect can be achieved, and because of the good performance of the LED lamp, the power consumption is low, so it is widely used.

    To ensure that the lamps can play their due lighting role in any complex situation in the outdoor environment, such as rain and snow weather, etc., then the lamps need waterproof and breathable functions. How do achieve these? In fact, a device can solve this problem. As long as the waterproof respirator is installed on the lamp housing, it can ensure that the outdoor LED lamps used for a long time can efficiently dissipate heat. The waterproof breathable membrane material in the waterproof-breathable valve of the LED lamp can ensure that the gas can enter and exit freely, and the water droplets will not enter the LED. inside the lamp. Even in rainy weather, the LED lights can be used normally, and there will be no circuit failure caused by moisture. This LED light waterproof breathable valve can be selected from metal waterproof breathable valves such as aluminum alloy waterproof breathable valve and stainless steel waterproof breathable valve according to the actual application, and can also choose black waterproof breather, white waterproof breather, and other plastic waterproof breathable valve.

    Some of the currents LED lamps are generally fully sealed for dustproof and waterproof requirements. However, when the LED lamp is running, its internal circuit board and power module will generate heat, which will make the internal gas pressure increase; when the temperature drops when the work is stopped, the internal gas pressure will become smaller, and repeated pressure fluctuations will affect the seal, and in a low-temperature environment, if the seal fails, the moisture in the external environment, Inhalation of dust, etc., will affect the internal circuit, so it is necessary to open ventilation holes and use waterproof ventilation valves to balance the internal and external pressures and maintain the longevity of the seal. So, how does the LED light waterproof vent valve quickly relieve the pressure? The rapid pressure relief of the waterproof-breathable valve of the LED light is realized by a layer of waterproof breathable membrane material in the waterproof respirator. Because the material has uniform micropores, and the diameter of the micropores is much larger than that of the air molecules, the air molecules can be free In and out, the rapid pressure relief is achieved so that the use of outdoor LED lights can be guaranteed.