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    There are various types of stage lighting, including the following types of lighting:

1. Chasing light: the so-called chasing light, this light source is a specific light used to track performers and highlight the characters on the stage. This kind of light is the finishing touch of the stage.

2. Light emission from the sky and the earth: This kind of light is mainly used for color transformation or lighting between the canopies, that is, a type of light source that is thrown into the canopy from the top and bottom of the canopy.

3. Bridge light: The lighting is mainly used to assist the column light. It is the light that is cast on the stage before filling the stage.

4. Toplight: This kind of light source is a kind of ordinary stage lighting, which can enhance the illumination of the stage and can be illuminated at a fixed point.

5. Flowing light: This light is used to assist bridge light preparation, to supplement other specific light on both sides of the stage, and to supplement the light on both sides.

6. Footlight: It is mainly used for auxiliary surface lighting, and it has the effect of eliminating shadows.

7. Backlight: It is a kind of light projected from the opposite direction of the stage, which can enhance the effect of transparency and three-dimensional effect.

8. Column light: It is a kind of light projected from both sides of the stage, which can enhance the outline of things.

    Pa lights are also commonly used in stage lighting. Pa lights are commonly divided into two types, ordinary pa lights, and led par lights. Pa lights are generally installed on special light stands or light stands, and their main role is to ensure the brightness of the stage and certain lighting effects. normal par

    Ordinary pa lights have been gradually replaced by LED par lights because of their high power and impure colors. Compared with the par light, the biggest advantage of the LED par light is: a variety of colors, good special effects; the power can meet the power requirements of various venues, and the softness of the light is better, so it is recommended that customers choose the par light. When it comes to giving priority to LED par lights.

    The computer moving headlight is also a light that is often used in all kinds of parties and annual meetings. The computer moving headlight, as the name implies, is the light effect of the light that keeps shaking its head and shaking back. Pictures and effects of the computer moving headlight The main feature of the computer moving headlight is the dynamic lighting and special effects, which make the stage and program more vigor and vitality. There are other types of stage lighting, such as follow spotlights, column lights, etc.