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    LED induction floodlight is a new type of intelligent lighting product that automatically controls the lighting of the light source through the induction module. In terms of light source material, LED, as an intermittent lighting source with frequent switching, is undoubtedly the most ideal choice compared to incandescent lamps and various fluorescent lamps. It has a long switching life, fast response, high luminous efficiency, small size, and easy control. features are perfectly reflected. On the other hand, it is more intelligent, without the need to manually switch the bulb to light automatically.

     The application of LED light sources in induction lamp products shows the advantages (long switching life, high luminous efficiency, small size, and easy control), and avoids the disadvantages (no continuous high temperature causes light decay, low color rendering is often not a problem ). The benefits of power saving can quickly recover the early high investment, and the super long life saves a lot of labor costs. The automatic switch has brought great convenience to people's life. The lights are on when people (cars) come, and the lights are off when people (cars) leave. It is especially suitable for underground garages, stair walks, automated workshops, warehouses, elevator entrances, entrances, balconies, and other areas that need to automatically turn on and off lighting.