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    LED light use a low-voltage power supply, and the power supply voltage is between 6-24V, depending on the product. It's a much safer power source than using a high-quality power source. Compared with incandescent lamps with the same light efficiency, the energy consumption is reduced by 80%, and there are three types of LED light sources in the application of color.

     The first is a relatively mature and commercialized blue light chip + yellow phosphor to obtain white light. This kind of white light has the lowest cost, narrow band-shaped spectrum, incomplete color, high color temperature, low color rendering, and the light is harmful to the eyes. Not soft and inconsistent.

     The second is ultraviolet light or purple light chip + red, blue and green phosphors to obtain white light. The light-emitting principle is similar to that of fluorescent lamps. This method has better color rendering. The selection of the UV wavelength of the phosphor, the difficulty of UV-LED fabrication, and the development of anti-UV packaging materials are also difficulties that need to be overcome.

     The third is to use the principle of three primary colors to mix the three ultra-high-brightness LEDs of RGB into white light. In addition to the high luminous efficiency, the luminous intensity of red, green, and blue LEDs can be controlled separately, but the problems of this method are that the conversion efficiency of green light is low, and the light mixing is difficult, and the driving circuit design is complicated. In addition, since these three light colors are all heat sources, the heat dissipation problem is three times that of other packaging forms, which increases the difficulty in use.

    In the future, polarized LEDs and three-wavelength full-color white LEDs will be the development trend.