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    The fundamental difference between downlights and spotlights is: whether the effect of the light is floodlight or spotlight.

    The downlight is floodlight, which is the so-called floodlight. The characteristics of the light are: from the light source to the outside, the entire space is covered, the brightness gradually decays, and there is no clear outline or boundary.

    Spotlights are spotlights, and the characteristics of light are: focus the light within a certain beam angle range, and there is no light outside the beam angle, forming a clear light outline.

    Although downlights look similar, if you want to achieve a good wall-washing effect, but choose the wrong downlight, it will cause the effect after decoration to be inconsistent with expectations. Spotlights with clear outlines can form beautiful and rhythmic "mountain-shaped lights". They are highly decorative and are the best choice for wall washers. In addition to the different wall-washing effects, downlights and spotlights are used as space lighting, and the lighting effects are also different. From the perspective of practical use, if you want the desktop to be bright enough, that is, accent lighting, then it is undoubtedly more suitable to choose spotlights; if you want the brightness of the space, that is, basic lighting, it is more appropriate to choose downlights.