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    The lighting sources used in human history, the first generation is the oil lamp, the second generation is the incandescent lamp, the third generation is the gas discharge lamp, and now people are looking forward to the fourth generation light source - the LED lamp.

    The LED floodlight is designed with LED as the light source, and the material is aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and an electroplated aluminum reflector lampshade. Using an anodized aluminum reflector lampshade, the reflectivity is more than 90%. Stretched aluminum heat dissipation, a large heat dissipation area has a good heat dissipation effect.

    Regarding LED floodlights, we can know that first of all, they are green, environmentally friendly, pollution-free, free of lead, mercury, and other polluting elements, and have no pollution to the environment. 100W LED floodlights can save more than 50% of electricity after replacing 250W metal halide lamps, which can reduce coal consumption for power generation, reduce air pollution, and be more environmentally friendly. Compared with a 250W metal halide lamp, a 100W LED floodlight has the advantages of longer life, shorter start-up time, no pollution, and no radiation. Of course, the floodlight with an LED light source is soft, with no glare, no stroboscopic. The unique integrated design of heat dissipation and lamp housing can effectively conduct and diffuse heat, thereby reducing the temperature in the lamp body. The low thermal resistance structure design and good heat dissipation design ensure that the temperature rise of the LED PN junction will not exceed 40°C, thus ensuring the working life of the LED. The reliable constant current source drive circuit ensures the stability of LED operation and provides convenience for the control of LED energy consumption.

    Under the same installation conditions, the 100W LED floodlight can reach the same level as the 250W metal halide lamp,100W LED floodlight can replace the 250W metal halide lamp.