LED lights are extensively used in moment's society, especially LED energy-saving lights in the home and inner and floodlight with microwave sensor. Understand the common sense of LED beacon conservation, help them from passing, and prepare for extremities.

Common LED lights need to be repaired in the following three situations LED lights flicker, LED lights shroud, and the motorist is defective. When these situations are encountered, how do we conduct examinations and conservation?

 First of all, we first check whether there's a problem with our own circuit. However, we must first consider the problem of the LED beacon motorist ( motor), If we ensure that the circuit is no problem.

1. Drive problem

When the light doesn't turn on, utmost of it's the problem of the driver. However, we can buy a new motorist to replace it, If the light is still out after turning on the light.

2. Dim LED lights

When it isn't the motorist problem, we need to check whether it's the beacon blob problem of the led beacon. Observe whether the beacon globules are burned out, which affects the brightness. However, you can consider welding the two welding legs of the burned beacon globules together, If there aren't numerous beacon globulesburned. However, you need to buy a new beacon blob board for relief, If there are numerous.

3. LED lights flitter

First, check whether the neutral and live cables are reversed. However, check the switch to see if there's a problem with the switch wiring, If not. After the circuit problem is ruled out, the second is to check the flashing light. It may also be a problem with the motor, which should also be checked. However, it may be that the beacon generates a tone-inductive current If there's no error in the below way. In this case, you can replace it with a white woven beacon, or buy a 220V relay and connect the relay coil in series to the circuit to absorb the convinced current.