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    The floodlight with a PIR sensor adopts pyroelectric infrared technology. When people enter the sensing range, it can be automatically turned on, and when people leave, it can be automatically turned off after a delay, eliminating the artificial waste of conventional lamps that are turned on by others and turned off by no one, and prolong the service life of the lamps. , which integrates energy saving, convenience, and environmental protection. It can automatically identify day and night, and the external environment illumination for starting work can be freely selected so that it can automatically work at night and close during the day. Users can adjust the detection distance by themselves, and the light time is adjustable.

    Advanced PIR sensors allow users to program a wide variety of devices such as vending machines, walkway displays, and escalators. Their security scope has expanded to the energy and advertising markets, and in combination with other sensors and camera systems, PIR sensors can be used in traffic control systems.

    When we use the floodlight with Pir Sensor on a daily basis, we should pay attention not to operate it with electricity, and then turn it on after the installation is completed and the detection is correct. Do not install the switch in the place where the strong light is directly exposed or the inlet and outlet of cold and heat flow. Try not to have mechanical switches and other electrical equipment in the same power circuit of the switch, otherwise, it will easily cause interference and malfunction. Once the switch is turned on and the load works, no matter what the ambient light is, it will always be turned on when someone moves in its sensing range, and it will be turned off with a delay until the person leaves. The detection effect will be affected by factors such as the ambient temperature, the clothes the person wears, the speed and direction of the person walking.