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  Comes with installation spike, easy to fix the lawn lamp, suitable for the lighting of garden, fence, yard, lawn and pathway.Suitable for outdoor pathway, walkway, driveway, sidewalk, yards, path, front gate, back yard, front porch or steps, garden.Automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn.Solar energy charging, energy saving and eco-friendly.Charging during the day, automatic lighting at night.

  The right high bay lighting makes all the difference. High-quality lighting in warehouses and large indoor spaces is more important than many people think.High bay lighting and low bay lighting are terms used to describe the indoor lighting that is commonly mounted via a pendant or chain, or directly to a ceiling or ceiling girder.We are highbay light manufacturer.We make sure offer these to our clients at competitive prices as these are highly sought after. Thanks to new generation LED high bay lights, low-performing HID fixtures can now be replaced for good.Unlike their predecessors, LED high bays provide better efficiency while saving on costs.We are highbay light manufacturer.

  Contemporary style of this outdoor lamp makes it a great addition to the living room, bedroom, office, study, dining room, kitchen and other rooms indoors.Many of our outdoor lamps have a two level dimming switch, and all have a weatherproof grounded cord and plug. The grounded cords can be as long as 16 feet in length depending on the lamp.You will love the added touch of elegance that our Outdoor Patio Floor and Table Lamps bring to your patio.If the flood light bulb in use has a medium screw base, simply twist the bulb into the fixture.