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    In our daily life, we are inseparable from lamps and lanterns. With the continuous development of technology, lamps have many styles. Different styles bring different decorations. So the led work light is good white light or warm light. Good? We recommend using warm white light because the light is softer and suitable for reading.

    People use the temperature of a complete radiator that is equal to or similar to the color temperature of the light source to describe the color table of the light source, also known as the color temperature of the light source. Color temperature is expressed in temperature K. Different color temperatures can cause people to have different emotional reactions. Generally, the color temperature of light sources is divided into three categories:

   1. Warm light

    The color temperature of warm light is below 3300K. The color of warm light is similar to that of incandescent light, and the red light component is more, giving people a warm, healthy, and comfortable feeling. It is suitable for families, residences, dormitories, hospitals, hotels and other places, or the temperature lower place.

   2. Warm white light

    Also called intermediate color, its color temperature is between 3300K-5300K. The soft light of warm white light makes people feel pleasant, comfortable and peaceful. It is suitable for shops, hospitals, rooms, restaurants, restaurants, waiting rooms and other places.

   3. Cool light

    Also known as daylight color, its color temperature is above 5300K, the light source is close to natural light, and it has a bright feeling, which makes people concentrate. It is suitable for rooms, conference rooms, classrooms, drawing rooms, design rooms, library reading rooms, exhibition windows, etc. place.