The current lighting assiduity is in the stage of transition from traditional lighting to new lighting assiduity. From incandescent lights, fluorescent lights, energy-saving lights to LED lights, under the social background of roundly championing green development, energy-saving and environmental protection programs have been enforced one after another. At the same time, with the development of arising technologies similar to the Internet of Effects and big data, intelligently controlled lighting will be a further development direction.

   Out-of-door lights are substantially high- power, and have high conditions for heat dispersion, lightning protection, dustproof, solid foreign body protection, and waterproofing. Thus, the assiduity firstly concentrated more on safety and stability. Still, as the technology gradationally matures, out-of-door lighting technology will develop in the direction of advanced luminous effectiveness and further energy saving. Intelligent control and on-demand lighting will come new trends in out-of-door lighting technology.

  On the one hand, the intelligence of out-of-door lights is realized through an intelligent control system, similar to the operation of the rearmost detector technology, wireless control technology, and signal seeing technology; Under the same condition, the consummation of applicable intelligent functions can be performed, similar as the multi-color technology of single beacon globules and the pinhole camera seeing technology.