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    Much intelligent induction LED outdoor lights can be integrated into the design, intelligent lighting, integrating LED light sources, infrared induction, and photosensitive control system, lamps, and lanterns. Its night illumination value is adjustable, the sensing distance is adjustable from 5m, 8m, and 12m, and even the induction time is adjustable from 1 second to 10 minutes.

    It is responsive and energy-efficient. It automatically turns on at night or when the light is dark and someone moves within the sensing range, and it turns off after a delay when the human body leaves or stops moving. There is no need for manual switching in this process, no noise, and more environmental protection.

    In addition, because it is an LED light source, it has high efficiency and energy saving, long life, and stable performance. The intelligent induction led light 4W is equivalent to the incandescent light bulb above 40W, which is high-efficiency and energy-saving. The LED has a long service life, with a life span of 25000H and stable performance. Its working temperature is between -35℃~+45℃.

    The LED floodlight with bracket has a 30° installation angle and supports 360° rotation adjustment so that every place can be filled with light.