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    In addition to RGB lights for lighting, the larger ones are used as flood lights, and some smaller ones can be used as computer color lights.

    RGB is the English abbreviation of red, green, and blue. One LED for each of the three colors is packaged in a housing, one of the three LEDs is shared, and then the cathodes of the three LEDs are independent. By controlling the current of each color LED The size can be changed to change the brightness, and then the color can be realized by the combination of different colors. The working voltage of a single RGB LED is generally about 3.3V, which is generally a three-string connection method, that is, three RGB LEDs are connected in series to form a group, and a current limiting resistor is placed for each color, and the groups are connected in parallel.

    ARGB has a built-in control chip on a single RGB lamp, which can be programmed to realize the effects of running water lamps and splicing display text patterns. ARGB only needs three wires: 5V+, ground wire, and series signal wire. The color change effect depends on the signal given by the external control circuit. The former can achieve dynamic transformation like water, while the latter has a relatively simple lighting effect.

   ARGB uses a 5V 3-pin, this type of fan can control a single lamp bead, RGB is a 12V 4-pin and can only achieve monochrome conversion.