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  The light spot material is indispensable in the production process of the PS night scene lighting effect. The method for everyone to get the light spot material may be nothing more than the light brush and the material given by others. This tutorial is to teach you how to use PS to make various types of spot materials. I hope to be helpful. First, let's take a look at the various types of spots:

1) Projection light spot: The projection light spot is divided into the wide beam and a narrow beam. The professional term that expresses the width of the beam is called the light distribution curve. Generally, designers need to choose different light distributions according to the structure of the illuminated object to be displayed. light.

2) So how to use ps to make the lighting effects of floodlights?

  1. Create a new project in PS, fill the background layer with black, and create a new blank layer:
  2. Use the ellipse selection tool to create a perfect circle selection:
  3. Use the feather command, the radius is 100, and the specific value is adjusted according to the effect. (The shortcut key of the CS6 version is shift+F6, the previous version seems to be ctrl+d)
  4. Fill white: use the deformation tool in the free transform command (shortcut key ctrl+t) to adjust the circular light spot into a projected light spot effect: through the adjustment of the transform command, we change the shape of the light spot and multiple lights spot The combination of, you can create various effects of spot, such as this narrow beam spot, through the three spot using the above method to make the spot effect of other lamps and lanterns, using the above method to make the combination of the spot effects of other lamps and lanterns of.

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