Since the emergence of blue light, white light, and high-brilliance LEDs in the last century, their luminous effectiveness has been continuously bettered. The advantages of knockouts of thousands of hours of life, fast switching, accessible dimming, bright color, energy-saving, and environmental protection have begun to attract the attention of people in the assiduity.

    Compared with incandescent lights, LED road lights have further than twice the luminous effectiveness of incandescent lights. Light-emitting diodes take advantage of their small size and low temperature to borrow a more effective optic path design. The rate is several times more advanced than that of incandescent stage lights. Indeed with the same luminous flux, incandescent lights are several times more important than LED lights. Thus, lower power LED lights can meet the conditions of the light intensity needed by the stage. LED luminaires outperform traditional light sources in terms of color performance. At present, when LEDs are used in stage lighting, a combination of three primary color LED tubes that emit red, green, and blue light is frequently used to form white light.

    Unlike the incandescent beacon, which obtains blue light by adding a blue color sludge in front of the beacon, when the LED needs a certain color light, it only reduces the emigration of the gratuitous diapason and emits the color light of the needed diapason.

    The luminous effectiveness of LED road lights is more advanced than that of incandescent lights, the luminous effectiveness of lights is also advanced than that of ordinary incandescent lights, and the effectiveness of color light is much more advanced. LED lights are used for stage performances to induce the needed colored light, which can give full play to LED's strengths.

    Still, although LED stage lighting has shown egregious advantages in practice, it has not been vulgarized in stage performances so far. The factors come from numerous aspects, including high price, single variety, uneven quality and so on.