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    Light can instantly transform a space, making the room look more comfortable and inviting. In order for a room to look and feel good, it is also necessary to have the right type of LED lighting and light for each room. But here you need to distinguish that LED home bulbs and industrial lights are not exactly the same.

    While LED home bulbs are suitable for slightly unpredictable weather conditions, they cannot withstand harsh conditions such as extreme temperatures. Whereas, industrial lights are designed for the harsh conditions of a typical industrial facility, including constant high vibration and extreme temperatures. So, generally speaking, LED lights are very durable. They require very little maintenance. Compared with domestic lamps, industrial lamps are more durable. Since they are made for harsh conditions, they are able to last longer.

    Using domestic LED bulbs, you can choose different colors of light according to your mood. You can choose from warm white, natural white or cool white. There are many other features such as adjustable brightness/brightness, color-changing technology, motion sensor, etc. Obviously industrial lights do not have any such additional features.

    Using the right lighting and fixtures allows you to illuminate and showcase every nook and cranny. There are a variety of LED home lights available for ambient, task and accent lighting. If you want to accentuate textured walls, you can use LED lights that are great for accent lighting, such as coves and candles. However, there are not many options for industrial lights.

    The purpose of household lights is to provide natural light at night or on cloudy days. It illuminates the space so that people can easily navigate the room. It makes the space more functional and comfortable. Whereas, industrial lights focus on features that allow you to be more attentive when performing certain tasks.