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  Perfect for garden corridor lighting, path road flowers and trees landscaping lighting , landscaping rockery fountain lighting and other decoration lighting.It can also protect your garden from insects, birds, rats and other animals like a guardian.This outdoor lamps is super bright to light up your path, enhancing both visibility.

  This outdoor lamps is used in park, scenic tourism park, and grass lawn square, garden, outdoor lamps.Some are powered by the user turning a crank or shaking the lamp, and some have solar panels to recharge a battery.And emergency power systems meet the requirements for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications and special environments.

  Clear floodlight with stand provides pretty light effect on the ground, the classic shapes and materials make your garden beautiful at night with lighting lights.I also wanted a gun mounted light that was compact, bright.So people can use them for camping, hiking, emergency lighting, and more.

  Emergency lights can be illuminated by using led wall light or incandescent technology.As we know,it is tough to work in the dark.We are led wall light manufacturer.Floodlight with stand have been specifically designed with road safety in mind and can help to prevent serious accidents and emit rather than reflect light.