Outdoor lighting is generally divided into industrial lighting, landscape lighting, road lighting, building lighting, stage lighting, and so on. The illuminators used for road lighting include high-pressure sodium lamps, low-pressure sodium lamps, electrodeless lamps, metal halide lamps, fluorescent lamps, and new Somin xenon street lights. Solar lights are also a type of road lighting. Because it is outdoors, outdoor lighting also needs to be designed and installed in combination with the surrounding environment and road conditions, as well as some outdoor landscapes and buildings in the design process, which helps to achieve urban and local characteristics. The unity of functionality and lighting art.

    We know that solar energy is inexhaustible clean energy, so there are many places where solar energy is used in life, so solar outdoor lights also appear. Daylight outdoor lighting fixtures all have a dedicated microcontroller automatic control system and rechargeable batteries. It is connected to professionally formulated load lamps equipped with ultra-transmittance and high-efficiency energy electronic ballasts. It has the advantages of brighter, simple installation, reliable work, no cable laying, no non-renewable energy consumption, and long service life.

    Solar lamps can be widely used for the decoration and design of lawns, city squares, ecological parks, and other places, and belong to the field of lighting technology. The key is to use the lamp cover to connect the bracket, the solar panel is placed on the battery and placed in the lamp cover, the battery is installed on the bracket, the light-emitting diode is installed on the solar panel, and the solar power panel uses the transmission line to connect the energy charging bottle and the control circuit. . In addition, its advantages lie in its structural integrity, simplicity, compactness, and effectiveness; no external power cord, convenient application and installation, and beautiful appearance design; LEDs are selected to be placed in the bracket, and the actual effect of luster is better; all electrical components are inside Embedded, with very good applicability.

    In daily life, solar-powered outdoor lighting is a bit more complicated. In addition to large-capacity lithium batteries and solar power panels, the system also includes professional dedicated monitoring, and when the lighting fixtures are stopped, the rechargeable batteries of the solar power station are gradually charged, and then filled with electricity again, and they will gain more and more driving force.