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  You can be sure that you'll always have more than enough light to see clearly in the dark with this floodlight.Quality-tested and built to last, our floodlight with stand against the elements and significantly outperform traditional halogen fixtures.

  The combining of dramatic advances in floodlight with stand with the excellent reliability of telescopic systems has achieved evolution into products.If the flood light bulb in use has a medium screw base, simply twist the bulb into the fixture.Artifacts that can cause you to see something other than the exact color you’re putting on the walls.

  We design and build the best products possible in order to deliver the best quality out there.The Illuminators also specialize in repairing and maintaining all types of outdoor lighting whether we orignally installed it or not.Our expertise in lighting design and prototyping allows us to provide custom-tailored solutions for your lighting needs.

  Unlike their predecessors, LED high bays provide better efficiency while saving on costs.It reserves no effort in developing and making high quality and best cost-effective products and providing various solar light solutions.As a professional led work light manufacturer which is located in China.