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   This Daynight Sensor Smart Floodlight is waterproof and durable, has good performance to adapt to outdoor temperature differences, and has CE, RoHS, gs, ERP certifications, and the quality is guaranteed. It can not only provide domestic needs but also satisfy foreign consumers.

The appearance of the product is simple and practical, with strong functions. The working temperature is between -25℃ and 50℃. It can still be used normally in a low-temperature environment and has a long service life. The LED source supporting lighting has more than 2000 patches, and the effect is good. With so many advantages, maintaining price concessions will allow you to experience value for money and bring you a different experience.

   Our products are exported to Europe, America, the Middle East, and other countries and regions. The company has a strong technical force and can independently complete the design and manufacture of lamps. The annual production capacity of the company's lamps is more than 5 million, which can meet the requirements of customers for product quality and delivery time. Welcome to the day and night sensor smart floodlight page for understanding and consultation.