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  A outdoor lamps is a broad-beamed, high-intensity artificial light. They are often used to illuminate outdoor playing fields while an outdoor sports event is being held during low-light conditions.The outdoor lamps were fixed to overhead wires strung above and across the pitch.Each outdoor lamps's wooden control handle stays cool, and each light has a cord with in-line switch.In outdoor lamps, our main products are various L E D indoor and outdoor lamps L E D commercial lights.

  Our white business scope covering different led floodlight which provides you with ever suffice clean energy solutions.More focused kinds are often used as a stage led floodlight instrument in live performances such as concerts and plays.The center of the floodlight with stand is plastered with one of these light sources, and its recess angles outward to project the light outward at wide angles.This light source might look innocuous, but it produces a staggering amount of illumination considering the minimal surface area that it takes up.

  Durable heavy duty steel tripod body.Easy to install and collapses down great for storage or transport.Offering strong technical support for clients customized needs.This floodlight is sure to last for years since its cast metal construction is both waterproof and protects against the weather.Do-it-yourself installation is fast, easy and safe.Brighten large outdoor spaces with our line of floodlight.