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Spotlight Applications

One of the most common applications of spotlights is on police and municipal vehicles. Police cruisers in particular must be able to illuminate a narrow area at a long distance to help officers see individuals or locations.

Spotlight from China Outdoor Lamps Manufacturers is ideal for use in police and municipal vehicles. It has a strength of 215,000 candlepower and a 50,000-hour life.

A spotlight can also be useful across a number of commercial equipment applications. For example, commercial locomotives may have spotlights installed as a general utility light, used for identifying obstacles in the path ahead and alerting upcoming pedestrians. Agricultural vehicles can use spotlights to locate and drive away nocturnal wildlife that might otherwise be injured or killed, or to spot other potential obstacles that may otherwise be hard to see at night.

Generally, if you've got a vehicle out at night, it can probably use at least one spotlight. Spotlights for work vehicles typically range from 30-100 watts and provide a light strength of 215,000 candlepower or more. They are typically mounted on the front of a work vehicle.

Floodlight Applications

Floodlights (also commonly referred to as work lights) are useful across a wide range of applications and are often mounted on the sides of vehicles. You can commonly find floodlights on slow-moving vehicles or those performing tasks at night such as roadwork, street-sweeping, or harvesting. Floodlights are used in a variety of other situations. For example, they are highly useful for helping vehicles move through fog. They can also be used to illuminate underwater areas and are common on commercial boats for rescue operations and general night use.