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According to the study of LED inside about the LED lighting market outlook in 2019, in 2018-2023, LED lighting market size introduced by China Outdoor Lamps Manufacturers is gradually up that the sale will reach USD $55.6 billion in 2023. The led lighting trends go well continuously.

The global LED Lighting Market trends are different, Europe, Asia and India markets are performed well.There are also sustained growth in Europe that reached USD $8.29 billion in 2018 with expanded at an annual rate of 9.5% and penetration over 50%. And there are most obvious growing in commercial lights, spotlights, filament lamp and decorative lights.There are good in organic revenue for America manufacturers that mainly form American market. Under the influence of the tariffs imposed by the Sino-US trade war and the increase in the price of raw materials, the cost is expected to be transferred to consumers. Because of Japanese economy starting to grow up that its market can accept a higher unit price. And the market growing will keep in the good state under the impact of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.Thanks to the local economy grows rapidly, the big scale of investment on infrastructure and big population that have a great demand for lighting, so that Asia area is gradually developing into a dynamic LED lighting market. The penetration rate of LED lighting in the Middle East and Africa market is rapidly increasing, and the market potential in the future is still expected. Long-term outlook for the 2019-2020 led lighting trends, one is the lighting requirement for the Tokyo Olympics, and the other is the manufacturers expand their business to create business opportunities. At present, they can see the market of intelligent lighting, mood lighting, warehouse lighting, fishery lighting, stadium lighting, special lighting, etc.

However, in an assortment of markets, more and more companies deliberately write high values on product power deviations to mislead consumers. The reasons are the industry norms and regulatory vacancies, and on the other hand, the lack of the quality consciousness for the enterprise.

The reasons for the product power deviation are as follows: Firstly, under the costpressure, the enterprise would be inevitably cut corners in producing process with even eliminating the necessary of test process, so that the unqualified products flow to the market.Secondly, because of the Insufficient thermal design of the LED chips, the deviation of the material led to overheat, the LED actual power is go-off the specified value.Thirdly, the optional power supply of the lamp has poor thermal stability, and the output current temperature drifts greatly, which directly causes the power to deviate in a large range.

These points all reflect the quality awareness of enterprises.Nowadays, LED lighting market has become more and more competition, and product prices continue to get low. It is not advisable to sacrifice low-cost strategies at the expense of product quality or even contrary to industry norms and regulations.

On the principle of quality,Yaham Lighting has always maintained the same level of quality as the world powers. Each product will do a series of rigorous tests before delivery, and require every test step to reach the international benchmarking level. In power supplier, adopts Inventories brand for professional LED street lights, tunnel lights, flood lights and high bay lights applications. That drivers with high light efficiency, compact housing and good heat dissipation can improve the stable of products and extend their lifespan, on the other hand, all-around protection, which including lighting protection, over-voltage, short circuit and over-temperature, guarantees the products can be normal working.