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  Outdoor lamps increase the value and function of your home can mean bringing the comforts of the indoors to your outdoor living spaces.outdoor lamps are freestanding and are perfect for patios and porches, balcony or a spacious open area.Nothing refreshes the look of your home like new outdoor lighting fixtures.Our outdoor lamps are designed to go around seating areas and sit on a table.

  When you own a business, warehouse, or commercial space, led floodlights are an effective way to protect the area and ensure that it stays brightly illuminated both day and night.Having your area illuminated lessens the chance of break-ins and also helps ensure the safety of everyone who works in the area.The conventional flood lights are available in the market but they have several disadvantages over LED flood lights.Our product Flood Light,with strong waterproof and durable.LED lights are tougher than normal bulbs and this durability makes them withstand harsh weather conditions.

  Recommend to come in handy as lighting in night work or during a power outage is a commodity.Floodlight with stand – This stand will help your rechargeable led flood light to stand still even if it rotates 360° and tilt over 180° on its detachable stand.LED floodlight with stand are definitely a better choice as it is more energy efficient as it is brighter that its alternatives.With our product you can be sure each unit is meticulously manufactured and built with high quality standards.