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We are a manufacturing company specializing in the research, development, production and sales of LED outdoor lamps. Our product categories are very rich. What they have in common is outdoor lighting based on LED lighting. Here we look at whether LED lights are more suitable for the lighting of basketball courts than halogen lights?
Metal halide lamps have the advantages of long range, strong penetration, uniform luminescence, and precise light distribution. Therefore, even if a small number of lamps are installed far away from the sideline of the court, the lighting requirements of the basketball court can be achieved. This is also the case for large courts. Reasons for using metal halide lamps.
The disadvantages of the metal halide lamp are that the power is relatively large, the energy consumption is high, and the glare is more serious, which will affect the visual judgment of the athletes.
The advantages of LED lights are also in line with today's general trend of environmental protection and energy saving, and the soft light is more in line with the visual perception of athletes and audiences, and is a wise option for outdoor basketball court lighting.
Of course, compared with halogen lamps, LED floodlights have weaker light intensity and insufficient penetrating power. In certain areas such as high altitudes, further technical research is needed. After all, there is a process for LED technology to mature. Specific analysis of specific problems should not be used blindly. LED lights.
In summary, the lighting of outdoor basketball courts also needs to be reasonably designed and specific problems can be analyzed in order to select suitable lamps.
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