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The range of different lamps available for floodlights is fairly comprehensive. Once again, the type of lamp a customer chooses will very much depend on how they intend to use their floodlight system. Floodlight Manufacturer would like to tell you more things.

Probably the most versatile, and indeed bright, lamps are halogen. The intensity of the light given off by halogen lamps is very strong in comparison to other lamp types of the same wattage. Halogen lamps also enjoy a long life, often outlasting many other varieties. This longevity offsets the initial higher purchase price. Buyers should be aware that halogen lamps can get extremely hot.

Although halogen lamps have a lengthy life, they can sometimes prove to be costly to run over time. Homeowners who want to be a little more energy-efficient should consider other options such as sodium vapour lights, HIDs and LEDs. Sodium vapour lights use less energy than halogen lamps but take longer to get to their full brightness.

This makes them unsuitable for use in motion-detector floodlight systems and better suited to floodlights used for decorative purposes.

HID, or high intensity discharge, lamps, are perhaps the most common form of outdoor lighting. They are extremely energy-efficient and last longer than the majority of other types of floodlight lamps. However, as with the sodium vapour lights, HIDs take a while to reach full intensity. LEDs have risen dramatically in popularity in recent years and are another energy-efficient option.

If used fairly sparingly, LED lamps can last for more than forty years. Additionally, they reach full intensity almost immediately, making them ideal for use in security flood light systems.

For the very energy-conscious customer, solar-powered floodlights may be the answer. However, these come with a fairly hefty initial price tag and may require the purchase of additional solar panels to work effectively.