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The most popular type of floodlight is the motion-sensor variety. Utilizing infrared sensors, motion-sensor lights detect any form of movement within a certain range. The best models can often detect movement up to a distance of 75 feet and within a range of 180 degrees. The user can normally set how long they wish the light to remain illuminated after being activated, saving precious energy from being wasted.

Motion-sensor floodlights are ideal for those looking for a security measure that does not cost too much money to install and run.

Dusk till dawn floodlights are another popular variety. This type of exterior lighting automatically switches on when the sun begins to go down and remains illuminated until the sun rises the next morning. Due to the extra time, this type of floodlight is in use, the cost of running dusk till dawn lights will be a little more than the motion-sensor variety, making them more suited to commercial premises.

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