Outdoor LED floodlights can be used for lighting in numerous scenes, similar to places, gyms, premises, etc. The combination of floodlights and floodlights can produce a good lighting effect and dress up the night decor. In Europe, where the lighting request is fairly mature, consumers like to fix LED floodlights on structures on the road and use them as road lights or store sign lights, which don't enthrall bottom space, and can be used for multiple purposes with better light effectiveness. In addition, out-of-door LED floodlights have numerous advantages

    (1) Long service life There are no necessary factors that limit the service life, and the general service life can reach hours.

   (2) Energy-saving Compared with incandescent lights, the energy saving is about 75, and the luminous flux of 85W floodlights is original to 500 incandescent lights.

   ( 3) Environmental protection The use of solid mercury agent won't beget pollution to the terrain, and has a recyclability rate of further than 99, which is a real environmentally friendly green light source.

   (4) No stroboscopic The working frequence is high, which can be regarded as"no stroboscopic effect at all"and won't beget eye fatigue.

   (5) Good color rendering the color rendering indicator is lesser than 80, the light color is soft, and the natural color of the illuminated object is presented.

   (6) Color temperature voluntary choose from 2700K-6500K and other color temperature

   ( 7) High visibility in the emitted light, the proportion of visible light is further than 80, and the visual effect is good.

   (8) It can be started and renewed incontinently without preheating, and there will be no light decay miracle in ordinary discharge lights with electrodes after multiple switches.

   (9) Excellent electrical performance, high power factor, low current harmonics, constant voltage power force, and affair constant luminous flux.

   (10) Installation rigidity can be installed in any exposure. The irradiation direction can be acclimated at any time according to the operation.

    It's precisely because out-of-door LED floodlights have so numerous advantages over traditional out-of-door floodlights that it's the general trend that out-of-door LED floodlights replace traditional floodlights. In the design of out-of-door floodlights, it's also necessary to consider the introductory principles of functionality, aesthetics, frugality, safety, etc., to meet the conditions of easy conservation, easy installation, and relief, and drawing the terrain, taking into account heat dispersion, waterproofing norms, and beautifying the terrain. Its operation direction is getting wider and wider, and it penetrates into all aspects of life.